Kwikset 916 pairing issue

So new to Hubitat but not zwave. I have a new C7 and trying to pair a Kwikset 916 zwave deadbolt. While it paired successfully so it says it shows in the devise information as a Schlage FE599/BE369 Lock and will not accept any input. I do not see in the drop down of any Kwikset locks. Are they not directly supported? Do I need to change to the generic lock. Also getting Zwave crashes is this related or other issue. What can I do to correct this.


Go into settings then zwave details and look for the lock and see if it has any cluster details. If you have cluster details switch the driver to generic Zwave lock. If there's no details remove the lock and start over. Some people have to either bring the lock closer to the hub or the hub closer to the lock either way get it closer, like right next to the hub for successful paring.

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I've used a kwikset 916 zwave plus with Hubitat a number of times - it works fine with the hub. I normally leave the zigbee module in, though (I have zwave, zwave plus, and zigbee modules for all my locks for integration testing).

Pairing it is a pain though, as at least on my 3 locks they had to be <2 feet from the hub to pair.

That is by design, by the way - it is called "whisper" pairing where it uses REALLY low energy to keep the signal range down so the pairing activity can't be sniffed. It is quite annoying in practice.

The other thing to check is to see if the secure pairing key exchange completed. That would show up in the device details page near the bottom (kind of by the cluster info) as well.


Change the device driver to the Generic Zwave Lock, and hit configure. Should work at that point all other things being equal.

Thanks for the info, will have to move a second lock I have right next to the hub and see how it compares. About the whisper pairing, how do you handle pairing a light switch or other line voltage equipment? They need 120V to work. Used Vera in the past and while pairing range was limited initially as you added more devices it did not matter much.

Thanks for the help

The whisper pairing just applies to z-wave locks.

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Thank goodness. :slight_smile:

Anybody have trouble with being able to open the door lock from your phone? I don't see the lock listed in devices in the hubitat app so I can't open from my phone. Any suggestions?

Won’t show in the Rooms, but should show up if you use the devices tab

yes, i can see it there, but not in the app where you can turn lights on and off. i'd like to be able to lock/unlock remotely.

Did you go to the Apps, select a Dashboard, and add this lock to a dashboard you want to place it on?

New devices don't get added to dashboards automatically for a variety of reasons. Therefore, after you add a new device, you need to allow it to be added to a dashboard. That happens in the Apps tab, Dashboards setting app.

Then you can go to Dashboards tab in either a browser or your phone app, and add a tile for this device.

I will try this. I kind of thought it would show up in the app under devices, but maybe since its a garage door opener its different than a switch/light.

Right now, Devices in the mobile app are limited to switches and dimmers far as I am aware. So you probably will have to use the dashboards for the time being. They have said they are going to work on Devices (this is just a starting point), so this might change in the future.

This did what I was trying to do. Appreciate your help.