Kwikset 916 Not refreshing dashboard

Ok I have been reading for 2 days on this issue and can't figure it out.

Also let me apologize up front if I don't have the same level of technical understanding. I am trying to learn as much as I can.

I have 2 kwikset 916 smartlocks. So on the dashboard when I go to change the state from lock to unlock or unlock to lock, assuming the dash board has the correct state, it will perform the functions.

However it will hang sending. I will not be able from here to change the state back to the other state.

Let say I hit unlock to lock. It will lock then hang sending and I can not then unlock. However I can manually unlock it then hit the dashboard button and even though it says sending it will lock it again, but not unlock. It will still hang sending.

I can lock and unlock from the device menu
I can lock and unlock through alexa
I can create a rule to refresh every 5 seconds and it will update the dashboard. But it clogs logs and might it kill battery?
I can add codes

Everything seems to work but dashboard refreshing

I have excluded and reincluded
I have hit configure
I have repaired z wave and it completed
I have factory reset lock

I am at a loss
Thanks Eric

Let me add

Running Hubitat Elevation
Rec C-7
Version 1.5.4

kwikset zwave locks are notorious for issues.. i picked up the amazon (kwikset convert) locks and pulled board out and converted mine to zigbee. much better.

that said they require a beaming repeater to work not just any switch/repeater..

recommend if you are sticking with the zwave version put a ring alarm range extender or aeon 7 repeater right across/next to each lock.

Thanks for the reply. These are only a day old so maybe I will return them both to Amazon and get the zigbee version.

I was trying to stick with z wave but if there is no good fix for the issue within the hardware than it maybe be the best solution

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either way it still requires a solid mesh.. how far are the locks from your hub.. you may also need a couple of zigbee switches to act as repeaters if too far from the hub.. but they don't have the beaming restriction that zwave has for locks.. you basically need a switch/hard wired device or repeater every 30 or so feet from hub to device to have a reliable mesh.. either zwave or zigbee.

Would it only effect one same function if it had a unreliable connection. Everything works instantaneously. So I assume the connection is good. It's just the hub not refreshing current state?

We've got 2 of the Zigbee 916's here, working perfectly for almost a year now.

it could i saw the same issue sometimes it worked sometimes not.. sometimes delayed.. i at one point before switching out to zigbee had a rule that tried 3 times with a check and delay in a loop to make sure the door was sucessfully locked/unlocked.. it also depends on what else is going on, if it needs to keep sending repeats it can tie up the mesh..

I have the Kwikset 910 version, and a solid Z-wave mesh.

The hub will sometimes, however, miss an unlock or lock event. It is unique to Hubitat as the same lock, same mesh on SmartThings never had an issue.

A "work around" if you are remote (trying to unlock/lock remotely) is to:

  • Setup a VPN to your home network
  • VPN into the home network
  • Access the hub web browser, and go directly to your lock device in the "Devices" area
  • Send the Lock or Unlock command from here

Works every time for me.

Still not ideal, but I can still control the lock if issues arise.

Like others have said, the zigbee version is vastly more reliable. If you do want to stick with z-wave, check out my app: [Release] Reliable Locks

It's to solve problems like this.

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Awesome thank you all for your help. Since these are new I think I will just return them and get the zigbee version. It may save me future headaches if I get this current issue resolved.

For learning purposes I may learn to install jwetzel1492 app and play with that some.

However from what you all said and I have read the zigbee is just more reliable and that makes sense to start with reliability

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