Kwikset 914 question

I just got my new lock. We are also having a new door frame installed just after the first of the year. I was planning on pairing the lock now to let things settle etc. I went to install batteries and found a big yellow label that says don't install batteries until lock is installed in door. Anyone know the reasons for this? Is it only so the device is paired in place? Will I physically damage something otherwise?

I don't thnk they want you to connect the keypad interconnect cable while the lock is powered up.

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Many locks go through a "handing" procedure as soon as they are powered. They detect if the mechanism will turn clockwise or counter clockwise depending on which side of the door it is installed. The yellow sticker is trying to prevent it from a) getting confused or b) setting itself to go the wrong direction resulting in you having to reset it.

The above is an educated guess. I don't have that particular lock, but have several Yale deadbolts and that was the procedure on those.

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