Kwikset 910 Status Not Updating

I just joined Hubitat. After one night of futsing I've got some things migrated from ST, but my Kwikset 910 is not reporting status correctly. It constantly reads Unlocked. It responds to commands, but everything is confused since status is wrong.

I excluded it and re-added it a couple times in close proximity. In Hubitat I see that it was successfully securely paired.

What else could I try to get this thing reporting status properly?

Watching this thread as I have a Kwikset 910 I’ll be adding to Hubitat once my hub arrives.


There are other threads here in the Community regarding the difficulties of Fully Pairing the lock. Not just the Kwikset, by the way.

Quite clearly the purpose of a door lock is different from almost every other type of device. Pairing is intended to be secure with this category of device. (Garage Door openers are similar.)

"Secure pairing" leaves plenty of room for interpretation apparently. Some manufactures use the Low Power option, meaning the HUB cannot receive radio signals from the lock at a distance over 2-3 feet.

Beaming between the Lock and a nearby AC Powered device (that itself supports beaming) is also going to be very valuable. If the normal operating distance between the Hub and Lock is such that it needs to use a repeater, that repeater needs to support beaming. The Hub will send a message to lock or unlock, but the battery powered Lock isn't listening.. it's conserving battery and is sleeping. It falls to the beaming repeater to continuously repeat the message so that the moment the lock wakes, it gets the message. It's explicitly designed to allow the battery powered device to conserve battery and yet instantly receive any pending messages that were sent while it was asleep.

Therefore, you may have jumped the Pairing Hurdle only to be thwarted by the Beaming Hurdle.

The hub is sending lock/unlocks to a sleeping Lock that misses it. And the Hub might someday get around to noticing, but it's not likely to be instant.. and even then, what if the Lock misses the 2nd hub command because it's asleep again by then?

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Thanks for the thoughtful reply. This lock worked like a champ with SmartThings. The z-wave landscape has not changed all that much. There's only one repeater about a foot away from the hub that I haven't included yet, I can't imagine that foot being enough to cause status to never update but commands always work.

As you stated there are other posts with this lock in the title but none mentioned my scenario of commands working while the status does not. At least that I saw.

I am going to run a z-wave repair again but I doubt that will change the status of the issue.

Welcome to Hubitat, Keith! You probably already know this, since you've been around the ST world for years... but just in case...

When your lock paired with Hubitat, was the correct Hubitat Driver automatically assigned? Or did you have to manually change the driver? If the latter, then you will also need to click the CONFIGURE button on the Lock Device's Details page, in order to send the parameters to the device that tell it how to report back data to Hubitat. With a battery powered device, you typically have to wake it up to allow it to receive the CONFIGURE data packet. I don't have a smart lock, so I can't really help much more than this basic information.

I ran into the problem of some smart bulbs not sending their status updates, but still being controllable. Hitting CONFIGURE was all that was needed. This normally happens automatically IF the correct driver is assigned during the pairing process. However, if the device pairs using the generic 'DEVICE' driver, then you have to manually change it, click save, and then click configure.

Again, welcome to Hubitat!


I had problems with a schlage lock doing the same thing. It worked fine on homeseer with a zwave plus stick. I added it back to hubitat and added a repeater in between and it worked ok but still gets stuck. Someday I will add move the zwave plus stick from homeseer and see if it has better range plugged into the hubitat.

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Good to see you @ogiewon
That's a good point. I noticed that configure button and that helped me on ST once.
Oddly enough the device type didn't have that configure button.

Thanks for the welcome! I'll let you know if that gets it.

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@ogiewon @mtcoombes so pressing the include/exclude button then quickly pressing the configure button on the device page fixed it. Thanks a lot!

Now my Ikea Tradfri bulb needs dimming to work (stuck at 3% where I left it from SmartThings) and I need to figure out why my iBlinds aren't detected at all during inclusion... Then first 3rd if the house is done!

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Thanks for the tip!

There might be a bit of a range issue actually.
The lock is responding intermittently still.
I wonder if the antenna included with the Hubitat hub is a little weaker.
I might have to put a relay switch in-between the two...
I'll report when there's any change.