Kwikset 620 Deadbolt pairing/code puzzle

I just installed two Z-Wave Kwikset 620's. Both were a challenge to get past "Initializing." One (Garage) is working fine now, but the other (Side Entrance) has several problems, such as not reporting locked/unlocked status changes and not accepting lock commands from its Device page or Dashboard. However, it is reporting battery status fine to HE. It also manually unlocks/locks in response to input of the programmed code on the keypad.

Comparing the device pages of the two locks, I found this difference: the Current States for the problematic Side Door lock includes "LastCodeName: unknown codeNumber: 1",
while the one for the working Garage Lock says: lockCodes : {"1":{"name":"code #1","code":"XXXX"}

I wasn't able to locate HE instructions on how to work with the Commands section on this type of device page. I attempted to use the "Set Code" Command to add the door code (which is already recognized by the K 620 keypad), but the changes I made wouldn't stick when I clicked "Save Preferences."
This lock took 3 days of work to pair, so I'm loathe to delete it and try pairing it again. Where can I find info on how to fix the "unknown" code problem?

  1. Verify it is paired with security
    On the device detail page, near the bottom in the Data section you should see something like this:

If it is paired securely successfully then

  1. Hit configure on the device detail page and WAIT (or open a log window and watch progress). It takes a while to fetch all 250 code slots from the lock.

  2. Refresh device page. If it is still not looking as expected, hit the "Get Codes" command button on the device detail page and again WAIT (or open a log window and watch progress).

If it is successful ni getting all the codes from the lock you should see it in the State Variables, like this:

If it is NOT paired securely successfully then

  1. You have to re-pair it. Consider pulling it off the door and doing closer to the hub (or moving the hub closer to the lock) if it is far away.

Thanks for the tips. I believe it is just improperly joined. The Data section is similar to yours, including reporting that the secure pairing is True. However, when I tried the commands you suggested, it acts as if it can't see any codes from the device. Running Configure just resulted in a battery level report, and the code fetch didn't go anywhere.
Screenshot 2023-05-04 225118

Time to re-pair [sigh].

Re-pairing did nothing to solve the problem. Turns out the brand new deadbolt was defective. I got somebody live on the phone at Kwikset, and, after trouble-shooting, they agreed to replace it. (But it was going to take 10 days to ship me a new one under warranty. I declined, returned it, and Amazon sent the new one by the next day.)
When I tried pairing the replacement, it joined on the first try.

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