Kwikset 620 always reports status as "unlocked"


My 620 always reports as "unlocked regardless of how I lock it... Hubitat Devices, ActionTiles, or manually.

Lock Code Manager also has trouble changing codes even tho there is a functioning ZWave switch less than ten feet away.

I am using the "Generic ZWave lock" driver. Lock otherwise functions AOK.

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Post a screenshot of your entire Z-Wave Settings page.

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Tried locking via all methods with door open to prevent obstruction... status still shows as unlocked. Images of device status and Setting/ZWave settings uploaded as requested. Note that images were captured while the 620 was physically in the locked position (with door open). . thanks - Jim


There are two things that would help:

  1. Your Z-Wave firmware is not at the latest version. It should be updated by pressing the “Firmware Update” button on top of the Z-Wave Details screen.
  2. You have a lot of devices that didn’t pair properly in your Z-Wave mesh (commonly called “Ghosts”).
    These Ghosts need to be removed to stabilize the mesh. This requires the device that didn’t pair properly to be powered down first. It is typically the next device in the list, or could be a bit further down. Once the device is shut down, clicking on the refresh button a few times should eventually bring up a “Remove” button that will remove the ghost.

Once these two steps are complete, the mesh might need to settle for a day or so. This could resolve the issue, or more investigation might be required afterwards.


Thank you Sebastian. Firmware has been updated (button gone). Over 24 hours ago, I searched for ghosts, did refresh on all, was able to remove some, but some remain with "Pending" status plus Refresh and Remove buttons as shown in the attached. Doing a "Remove" thinks for a bit but then returns unchanged. Checked and repeated today with the same results.

The Kwikset 620 continues to show a status of "unlocked" regardless, but continues to function just fine.


Any update on this?? Lock has been reporting fine up until yesterday now it's stuck in unlocked state. Still functions properly and accepts lock and unlock commands. Power cycled hub and the lock, no change.

I would suggest you start a new thread describing the issue you have encountered and include a screenshot of your z-wave settings page..

The issue faced by @jim13 likely resulted from two issues pointed by @Sebastien:

  1. Not updating z-wave firmware
  2. A large number of z-wave ghosts
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