Kudos and thanks - just discovered Rooms viewed in Table display mode!

I always hated the 'open devices', 'scroll way down to find a device'.
I inadvertently clicked on Rooms and saw some new things so I clicked on the table display layout and wow! that's an improvement I can use!


And if you add images to your rooms, they will appear as an icon in upper right of each box.
(the icon is small; I wish it was a little larger)

I have a "Test" room with various devices for playing with non-production stuff. I used this image.

Expanding my use on Rooms - I've got many devices that have no physical presence - Virtual devices - Tiles, app created devices etc. Since Rooms doesn't have a list for '[unassigned]', I began putting these soft devices into a room I created called Virtual. It definitely added to the value and use of this barely discovered feature!