KP125M Matter setup problems w/google home

Some KP125M matter wifi plugs arrived today. Trying to setup with google home, adding them seems to go fine until it checks for network connectivity where it hangs.

@bobbyD i see you have some of these did you set them up with google home? I turned off 5ghz wifi just in case and have factory reset as well. Eventually it times out and says cant reach device. The light turns blue on the outlet and my router assigns it an IP.

I connected to KASA App and updated firmware, factory reset and removed from Kasa app.

All good now.

EDIT.. Also connected to Hubitat, pretty painless.


Connection to Kasa App for Matter Devices. Although it seems counter to the matter theme, if you are an advanced user being connected to the Kasa (TAPO) app has advantages. You can set some pretty nice settings. But once uninstalled from Kasa (TAPO), the setting will be lost. (Same is true for other TAPO / KASA Matter devices.

Some of the settings available through the APP:

  • LED (auto, off, night mode)- default auto
  • Default State: (on, off, lastOnState) - default lastOnState
  • Auto-Off timer
  • Power Protection (can set to protect your house/device if the device is suddenly drawing too much power)
  • Firmware Updates (Matter devices are new and were all rushed out for Christmas. Firmware updates assure you have the latest software. By default, this is checked in the middle of the night. It can be disabled then you run when you want.

Mostly, you would just set and forget. But it also provides a path to the device if Hubitat fails.

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All good stuff, thanks. I just needed the firmware. There are members working on more advanced matter drivers as we speak so maybe those features will show up eventually.

Correct me if im wrong but if my Hubitat goes down cant I control them from google home because of the way we have to set it up for the moment where hubitat is not a commissioning hub yet ?

Correct. Any other matter controller connected to the plugs could still control them. If Hubitat went down, Google Home should still work assuming it is working.

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