KONOzw Reporting Issues

So I went online to purchase the KONOz and installed it, but it turned out to be the the KONOzw. It paired and I can send commands to it (using generic zwave thermostat driver). The issue is on manual operation, it doesn't report to HE any info. So my wife will turn it on manually, but HE says it's off all. Also if she changes the temp, it doesn't report properly to HE.

Is there any updated driver for the ZW to use or anything I can do to fix this?

I'm not familiar with the device.. but you could try the Generic Z-Wave Plus Thermostat Driver.. Make sure to hit configure after you change the driver.

That is how I got it setup because after pairing it didn't work. I changed driver to the generic and pressed configure and I was able to see and control. But the reporting after manual change doesn't work and causes continuity issues.

Which generic?

There are 2

Generic Z-Wave Thermostat
Generic Z-Wave Plus Thermostat

I think the generic Z-Wave. I don't remember seeing the plus. I'll try that tonight. Thank you.

@bcopeland and to report that changing to plus version seems to have rectified the problem


Glad to hear it

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