KonoZ Thermostat Using C-Wire Showing Battery 0

I just added a C-Wire to my Lux Products KonoZ Thermostats and they work great, but Hubitat is showing Battery level as 0 now. I am using the Maker API and HOOBS/Homebridge to access my devices via Apple Homekit, but all my thermostats are showing low battery now since Hubitat is reporting 0. Is there something I need to do in Hubitat to make these appear as hard-wired now and not battery powered?

I'm pretty sure the Hubitat driver is what it is (capabilities like Battery cannot be added/removed dynamically, i.e., without making a separate driver; but it could be reported differently if the driver has a way to tell).

However, if your only concern is HomeBridge, you can exclude this capability or attribute. Usually this requires the device ID from Hubitat, the one you can find in the URL (not the DNI or any device metadata). How exactly you do this depends on which HomeBridge integration you're using, but if you can't figure it out with yours, I'm sure someone will help if you specify!

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I did completely remove the device from Hubitat and re-add it and it still shows battery 0. Hmm.

I just checked. What I said earlier is incorrect.

Yeah I can do that too. I was just hoping for a native way to have Hubitat see it as a c-wire powered device instead of battery. Love the KonoZ but the driver feels like it is what it is! :slight_smile:

Wild guess here, could the mfg think battery indicating 0 ( as opposed to 20, 50 ....etc %) be an indication there is AC power?

Possibly, but Homebridge doesn’t think the same! Lol

I have 2 Honeywell T6 Pro Z-wave, one on c-wire w/ battery backup and one on battery. Hubitat shows battery level fine for both devices. So, I don't think it's an issue with Hubitat.

It could be KonoZ not reporting battery level when it's on C-wire. Other KonoZ owners should know better.

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