Konnected with Hubitat - what options to arm the legacy alarm system

I recently bought and installed a konnected pro board with some interface kits to be able to use the legacy alarm system sensors in Hubitat.
This all went very nice and I am looking now for an option to arm the legacy system using Hubitat.

  1. Basically, I am looking for the dashboard tile that is password protected that when clicking on, will send the signal to the relay attached to the legacy alarm panel. What is your suggestion?
  2. Further more, my legacy alarm system can be armed to 2 different modes (away and night). From your expirience, can I arm the system for both states using Konnected and Hubitat?

Your alarm supports key switch arming ? (relay mentioned in 1)

Also key switches configurable to either mode away / night so you could have two relays to arm ?

My alarm support key switch arming for sure. I was not aware of the option for configure it for different modes and I will check that. Thanks.
Also, If my alarm does support the configurable modes arming using key switch, what options would you recomand for the tile that can be password protected?

I don't use password tiles but they exist I'm sure so that shouldn't be an issue.

The ability to key switch arm to the two different modes will be important for 2) as obviously HE needs a mechanism to implement this. This is likely possible as it allows part set on areas (mode).