Konnected - will it work with local network only?

Was looking to use Konnected with an existing hardwired alarm system but keep seeing this "Konnected Cloud". I understand that to get mainstream usage people will need the "easy" button. I don't want to have a piece of hardware connected to my private home and all it's sensors that has unfettered access into some "cloud" through the Konnected hardware.

One of the major incentives to SmartThings way back when was the open source and user ownership/control which has now been subjugated to Samsung - disappointed but not surprised - and frankly that's probably why Hubitat even exists.

Now I think this has also happened to Konnected - in that I think you must register and have an account in order to use a Konnected product?

@nate please tell me this isn't so and there is a completely offline (i.e. exists only within my local infrastructure unless I explicitly allow it) solution to utilize your fantastic solutions.


Yes, it's all local. The cloud bit is for out of the house use. (As is Hubitat). Other than that you can keep local control, simply use HE to control it.

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Konnected Cloud is only for Konnected's SmartThings integration at this time.

Our Hubitat (and Home Assistant, and OpenHAB, and Homebridge) integrations are all 100% local. You do not need to sign up for a Konnected Cloud account to use these platforms.


perfect! we just bought a house that has a relatively newish full home security system that I'll be hacking when we move in and your solution seems to fit the bill.


Yep. You will love it.

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