Konnected sale 11-11-20 thru 11-30-20

For those of us that need to connect our hardwired alarm systems to Hubitat, Konnected has started their Black Friday sale; 20% off. Unfortunately, it does not include their new "Pro" board, but does seem to include everything else.

Keep in mind the konnected boards won't bring over anything but the hardwired zones while envisalink will do both.


As best I can tell, the envisalink does not support my CADDX alarm system.

Since I missed the big bold letters on their website, sensors connected to Zone 1 on a Vista panel are not usable with Konnected.

Correct Vista panel zone 1 is a fire zone it behaves differently than all the other zones. You also can't use zone doubling on zone 1 if you happen to have a Vista 21. Also with the konnected board you have to reserve another zone to use as a key switch along with a relay to arm and disarm the alarm panel.