Konnected not working after C5 to C8 migration

As stated, Konnected is not communicating with the new C8 hub. I assume due to the fact the hub IP address changed. Any advise on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated!

Change the new hub to the old hub's ip (Best doing this through DHCP reservations. Check ip in hubitat matches the konnected board.

Thanks. Looked for a way to go back to the old address, but couldn't figure it out. I know the Konnected is aimed at the old address. How do I change the address? I am unfamiliar in the DHCP reservations procedure. Is that like setting a static IP address for it? We are not all nuclear scientists out here you know... LOL I did not see this potential problem with Konnected listed in the Migration notes either.

I went into my router, assigned the old C5 IP address that Konnected was using as a static IP address allocation to the C8 hub. All good now. I needed to make the address static anyway so just choosing the old address was simple enough.

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Well that really isn't a static address it's a reservation but has the same effect. A static ip is done on the device itself. But glad you're up and running

If it assigns that same IP address to the Hub's MAC every time it sees it, that's good enough for this "Not a Nuclear Scientist". :upside_down_face:

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Honestly it's the preferred way. You should do this for any and all lan based iot devices that hubitat is working with. Occasionaly save a screen shot of your DHCP reservation list so if you change something (like the router itself) you can set up things the same.