Konnected MyQ Security+ 2.0 blaQ

Konnected just announced a MyQ Security + product based on ratgdo.

Available for preorder now and estimated shipping in March. From their website:

The ultimate upgrade from myQ

  • Works with Chamberlain / LiftMaster Garage door openers with YELLOW learn buttons, including those with myQ built-in
  • Only three wires to connect for the most simple installation
  • Mounts directly on the garage door opener or supports
  • Opens and closes the garage and reads the door status directly from the unit (no sensor needed!)
  • Senses, opens, and closes the garage to a specific level. Example: open 10%
  • Controls and reports the status of the garage door opener light
  • Reports the status of the garage door opener’s obstruction sensor
  • Reports motion detection in the garage (requires a wall control panel with a built-in motion detector such as the 889LM)
  • Wireless remote lock-out capability – automate disabling and enabling the wireless remotes for the garage door opener
  • Package includes hookup wire, mounting screws, 3M Command Strip (for mounting). A power adapter is not required – the device draws power directly from the garage door opener
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I like Konnected products, but that's a pretty large price premium over ratgdo, on which it is based. I guess you'll get an ESPHome integration that works on Hubitat?

Agree steep price. They don’t have a ton of detail but their announcement mentions:

We’ve built a cloud-connector for our ESPHome-backed devices to optionally connect them to Konnected Cloud, enabling our SmartThings and Alexa users to continue to enjoy hub-less smart home integration that’s as plug-and-play as possible.

Home Assistant and Hubitat users will enjoy the ultra-fast, 100% local, native API integration between ESPHome and your local HA server or Hubitat hub.