Konnected Devices Not Compatible With HomKit


I've been using the HomeKit integration since the announcement. Tonight I just installed a Konnected hub that integrates wired contact sensors with Habitat. I'm impressed with how responsive they are with the Hubitat.

Unfortunately, they show up as incompatible under HomeKit devices. Any ideas one what would cause this?

If not, because virtual devices can show up in HomeKit, I was wondering if there was a way to have a virtual device mirror a real world device.

For reference, here is the website for the Konnected device.

Konnected Alarms

Interesting, I have just bought a Konnected and will be installing over Christmas.

I put a ticket in with Konnected. I’m not sure if they will be able to do anything on their end. Either way, I will update this post.

Not sure if I got this right but my understanding was that Alarms/locks won’t get exported to HomeKit.

I thought I had read that somewhere.

Konnected devices are mainly sensors in HE and not alarm devices AFAIK.
The reason for them not being available to my understanding is that they are using custom drivers and not native HE drivers.

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Hmm. This is a shame. From my brief look, it would have been just as easy for the logic in the custom drivers to have been implemented in the app. Maybe I'll fiddle with this....

I wonder if that is an Apple requirement for certification.

Actually, I realized a bit ago that the Konnected devices are indeed pulled into HomeKit. Apple Home app was just hiding them!

Really!?! I had to add them to HomeBridge. Otherwise they showed ad incompatible.

Right, pulled into HomeKit via HomeBridge, not the new native HomeKit integration.

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