Konnected alarm boards not seen once added

Having issues with Konnected alarm panel boards. Background; all worked fine until last week the konnected boards would not update in hubitat and the wifi led flashed in a 11-4 pattern. Fixed that by reflashing the firmware. I can add the konnected board in hubitat and add zones and the zones appear in the devices section, however the devices are shown as status unknown. The konnected wifi led blinks when a house sensor is opened or closed but nothing updates on hubitat. I have rebooted router, hubitat, reinstalled konnected driver and app code, still same issue. What is weird is the hubitat log shows it cannot see the konnected board as soon as its gone through its first update (post adding the zone), any help will be appreciated!

Do you have the konnected app and under the devices?

I suppose yes, then do you have device discovery enabled?

Pinging @nate

yes have Konnected app in the apps section

the zones are shown in the devices section

and i have discovery on

This is indicitive of a wifi extender or repeater on your network that is doing MAC address spoofing. This is problematic because each Konnected device is identfied by its MAC address, but the wifi extender masks the actual MAC addresses.

To resolve, remove the wifi extender from your network and remove/rediscover the device. After that you should be able to add the extender back.


yes i have an extender. Cool, ill give that a go and get back. Thanks!!

Turned off wifi extender, do not have any other AP's just the wifi router. Able to discover and add board and set up a zone, however it still does not update and its status is unknown, habitat log below. When i get back into the Konnected board status i can see the device information, uptime updates but the pin status does not change when the house sensor is opened or closed, see below

Look at your log, the MAC id is different between the line setting up the device and the state updates. Something is still spoofing the MAC address. You must completely remove the device from Hubitat and the re-add it without the spoofing wifi extender on the network.

OK, its now working, but it was not as simple as turning off Wifi extender, delete Konnected from Hubitat and re install, this did not work. Went through a "clean" install; deleted Konnected off of Hubatat and re-booted Hubitat, took Konnected boards off of 'reserved IP' on router and re-booted router, re-flashed firmware on Konnected boards (with erase first), then re installed Konnected to Hubitat and it now works.

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