Konnected Alarm beep/coountdown question

I've had Hubitat and Konnected working great for a couple years now, but there's one bug that I can't seem to figure out how to fix, so thought I'd ask here to see if anyone has any insights.

I have a single Piezo beeper from Konnected doing "double duty". When I open/close a door it beeps, and when arming it does a countdown, which I use the "siren" function. Siren is persistant forever so what I do it when you disarm the alarm, or it enters the armed state, it beeps to make the "siren" stop. But this causes a bad side effect, if you hit "Arm Away" it starts the "siren", then you open a door, which "beeps" and stops the "siren" which is your countdown. Even worse, if you open a door when the alarm is "Armed Home" it stops the "beep" countdown, which means I miss the fact I've forgot to disarm the alarm before letting the dog out occasionally.

The Konnected Piezo is a "Konnected Beep/Blink" device which doesn't report is the siren is on.

One brute force thing I thought of was to create a new rule to turn on the Piezo "siren" if HSM is Arming or on Intrusion Delay" and have it run once per second. But if I do that, the countdown will sound funny (I think, I've not tested). I also hate to burned the Hubitat every second with a trivial rule check like that.

My other brute force method I'm using now is to disable the door chime whenever the HSM is arming/disarming. Not ideal, but I think this will work better. I've only done a cursory check of it though.

Has anyone else come across this and do you have a more elegant solution? I think can get something hacky and complex working (which means I'll have more bugs), but was hoping for something simpler. Here's screenshots of my rules:

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