Konke motion sensor

Does anybody know what cluster FCC0 is?
I am receiving the following zigbee data from time to time:

[raw:E96501FCC03C1100421A19180402000D333332513144303030323039385332313030304B, dni:E965, endpoint:01, cluster:FCC0, size:3C, attrId:0011, encoding:42, command:0A, value:
332Q1D0002098S21000K, clusterInt:64704, attrInt:17]
Description map not parsed: [raw:E96501FCC0321000421514130402000D313131303131373230303030313139, dni:E965, endpoint:01, cluster:FCC0, size:32, attrId:0010, encoding:42, command:0A, value:
111011720000119, clusterInt:64704, attrInt:16]

It's a manufacturer specific cluster...
Unless you sniff the frames while this device is connected to it's native hub while monitoring what it produces via its native app, it's unlikely you will be able to decode these payloads.

Now having said all that, encoding 42 is an ascii string, which may be readable and easier to decode...

Nice work on the driver! :grinning:

I've been able to pair my Konke motion sensor (which has the same device footprint) with your driver but for some reason it doesn't display or detect motion under the device attributes. Any ideas?

Based on code above I've created my own version of the Konke Motion Sensor driver: [Release] Konke Zigbee Motion Sensor Driver

Key Differences:

  • can configure battery reporting interval
  • can receive reset button events (e.g. secret button)
  • battery levels hard coded
  • no battery replaced event or state
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A quick info: I just got confirmed by the "Konke Offical Store" on AliExpress that the sensor works on Zigbee channels 15, 20, and 25.

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And I can confirm it works on Channel 15 but it didn't work on channel 24. I'm SmartThings user so I can't say anything about compatibility with Hubitat though.

How does the device pairing method, I tried a lot, but to no avail
stop pairing

How or is anyone getting these to work. how are you writing your rules?
it seems to sense motion but doesnt trigger a light in a test rule i made

2021-09-05 11:07:10.372 am [warn]Description map not parsed: [raw:82E601FCC03A11004219180402000D333332513150303030323039425331313030364A, dni:82E6, endpoint:01, cluster:FCC0, size:3A, attrId:0011, encoding:42, command:0A, value: 332Q1P000209BS11006J, clusterInt:64704, attrInt:17]

[dev:1102])2021-09-05 11:02:18.262 am [info)Bathroom motion: Sending IAS enroll response...

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