Konke Eyeball Motion Detector (ZX-BS-J11W) - Set inactive timeout?

The Motion device is

  • manufacturer: _TZ3000_4ggd8ezp
  • model: TY0202

It seems to be a basic motion detector that works well w/ Tuya Multi Sensor 4 in 1 Driver

I noticed in the logs that when it goes back to INACTIVE it details
"Motion reset to inactive after 60s"

Other basic motion sensors doesn't show that elapsed time detail in the logs, just that the sensor was set to inactive.

Having tested quite a few motion detectors, it seems to me that when the device reports elapsed time of inactivity, this means (i assume) that the device can be configured to go inactive after X seconds.

However upon enable the ADVANCED OPTIONS on this driver, I dont see the option to do so:

  1. So am I right to assume this device's inactivity period is configurable?
  2. How to do it then?
  3. Is this what the Set Par option is for?

Question: how do you manage to purchase something from Alibaba? How do you handle the shipping expenses?

There is still no any mentioning of this sensor on the WWW, seems like you are the first and the only one using it without Konke (or Tuya) own hub ... : )

As there are several methods to configure the PIR retriggering interval (for these devices which support configuration, a lot do not!), I will need a clue what type of commands this device is using.
Do the following:

  • make sure the Debug logs are turned on
  • remove the battery for 1 minute
  • put the battery back in
  • copy and past the debug logs that follow the device power-on time.

Please try to copy and paste the logs as text, not as a screenshot.

No, every device is different and this one is unknown.

Provide some more debug information, hopefully it may reveal something more.

It is for Tiua mmWave radars only. Unfortunately, HE does not provide a way to filter the custom commands dynamically, so although this motion sensor does not support the radar specific commands, the button will be visible on the device web page.

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Oh, alright, I have the darn thing deployed on my garage ceiling atm, will try and find time to take that down haha.

Short answer: shipping and testing is getting mighty expensive!

Long answer: I am actually in the tech solutions biz for over 20yrs - cctv, fdas, alarms, home automation, gate systems, GPS, software programming - all that jazz... and we import a lot of stuff from China - and we do spend a lot on testing out new products (i love it)!

Apart from me being a huge TECH nut, it's part of my job to R&D and TEST a lot of tech stuff from all over before we introduce/offer/recommend to our clients - to make sure they're gonna work as expected or reasonably well and at the very least known the "aha" and short comings of these products whether stand alone or combined in a solution.

I buy most of my stuff direct from suppliers / manufacturers in China who we usually have existing relationships with. I order samples for testing before I bulk order them for use in our projects or retail if there's a demand. But I've ordered a bunch also from Amazon, Ebay, and wherever - just to test these things.

I know the guys are Konke are coming up with their own mmWave Motion sensors soon but their company got hit with covid so i'm expecting some delays on that :frowning:


here ya go

dev:1272023-01-09 01:21:07.299 PMinfoGarage Motion Sensor ZB221103C Detected motion
dev:1272023-01-09 01:21:07.296 PMdebugGarage Motion Sensor ZB221103C Zone status: zone status 0x0021 -- extended status 0x00 - sourceEndpoint:01, zoneId:00, delay:0000
dev:1272023-01-09 01:21:07.294 PMdebugGarage Motion Sensor ZB221103C parse(_TZ3000_4ggd8ezp) descMap = [:]
dev:1272023-01-09 01:20:58.832 PMinfoGarage Motion Sensor ZB221103C battery is 100% (3 V)
dev:1272023-01-09 01:20:58.830 PMdebugGarage Motion Sensor ZB221103C batteryVoltage = 3.0 V
dev:1272023-01-09 01:20:58.827 PMdebugGarage Motion Sensor ZB221103C parse(_TZ3000_4ggd8ezp) descMap = [raw:D6B8010001102000201E210020C8, dni:D6B8, endpoint:01, cluster:0001, size:10, attrId:0020, encoding:20, command:0A, value:1E, clusterInt:1, attrInt:32, additionalAttrs:[[value:C8, encoding:20, attrId:0021, consumedBytes:4, attrInt:33]]]
dev:1272023-01-09 01:20:57.080 PMinfoGarage Motion Sensor ZB221103C Motion reset to inactive after 451s
dev:1272023-01-09 01:20:57.078 PMdebugGarage Motion Sensor ZB221103C Zone status: zone status 0x0020 -- extended status 0x00 - sourceEndpoint:01, zoneId:00, delay:0000
dev:1272023-01-09 01:20:57.076 PMdebugGarage Motion Sensor ZB221103C parse(_TZ3000_4ggd8ezp) descMap = [:]
dev:1272023-01-09 01:20:55.365 PMinfoGarage Motion Sensor ZB221103C Received device announcement, data=[81, B8, D6, DA, 00, F4, FE, FF, 57, 0F, 54, 80] (Sequence Number:81, Device network ID: D6B8, Capability Information: 80)
dev:1272023-01-09 01:20:55.362 PMdebugGarage Motion Sensor ZB221103C parse(_TZ3000_4ggd8ezp) descMap = [raw:catchall: 0000 0013 00 00 0040 00 D6B8 00 00 0000 00 00 81B8D6DA00F4FEFF570F5480, profileId:0000, clusterId:0013, clusterInt:19, sourceEndpoint:00, destinationEndpoint:00, options:0040, messageType:00, dni:D6B8, isClusterSpecific:false, isManufacturerSpecific:false, manufacturerId:0000, command:00, direction:00, data:[81, B8, D6, DA, 00, F4, FE, FF, 57, 0F, 54, 80]]

@tj1 you can try to obtain some detailed technical information on this devce from your contact at Alibaba. Hopefully, they may have their company specific Zigbee clusters configuration documented.

You may need to sign an NDA, but it is usually an easy process, I have done it once with an Alibaba seller signing from my side as an individual, not a company.

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I'll certainly try mate :slight_smile: Thanks