Konke Entry Sensor (KIT PRO)

Hi guys,
Ordered by Aliexpress, comes today, HE recognize easily but doesn't operate.
I mean that correct driver missing.
Any help please?!

This device is not on the supported devices list. If there is not a community driver for it, it may not work with Hubitat.

Yeah, I supposed same, but I want to ask :smile:

You might try posting on one of the threads for the other Konke devices and see if they have any ideas. If anyone would know, it would be someone who's already got one from that manufacturer to work.


You have right, thanks!

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No problem. Good luck! Hope you get it to work.

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Have you tried to use the standard Zigbee window/door sensor?
Failing that, how about the Xiaomi/Mija window/door sensor?

Try Zigbee channels 15, 20, or 25. It’s reported their devices are restricted to using those channels.



Yes, I am.
Also, no success

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