Kiwkset 620

Just installed the Kwikset 620. Went on You Tube and showed how to pair with HE. I thought it was for the 620 but it said 916. Did I get the wrong product? When I tried to pair the second time it showed Dome Extender. I am using the HE app on Iphone.

Assuming it is z-wave, after it (fully) pairs correctly, just change the device to "Generic Z-Wave Lock" on the device details page.

I have 3x 620's on my Hubitat. All of mine are the newer zwave 700 versions, but the same comment would apply for the older zwave 500 ones.

How did you pair? Did you hit the probgram button once? After 3 rd attempt it gave me Dome Extender. So just change that to Generic? I have a C7 hub

Ok I see the device but it doesn't respond to either close or open command.