Kitchen Lights & GH

I recently installed a GE Z-Wave dimmer switch in my kitchen to control 6 LED can lights. I also have under cabinet lighting controlled via Samsung smart outlet. I can individually turn them both on seperatley. However, when I tell GH to turn off the under cabinet lights, it turns off all my kitchen lights. Or if I tell GH to turn off the kitchen lights, it will also turn off the under counter lights. Any way around this.


I think I figured it out. I had to remove the kitchen group from the horrible Google app. I am guessing it was turning all the lights off in the room named Kitchen.


Yeah I've had to set up fictitious rooms before to get GH to do what I want. It really is pathetic sometimes.

I see the same thing with Wemo switches and plugs in GH. Drives me batty.

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You should try using GH across multiple properties. It is pathetic.


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