Kitchen LED strips - help with wire termination

How do you usually terminate your LED strip wiring?
I can really use some ideas here.

To summarize it:
Below picture is from inside my sink cabinet (kitchen island).
There are two wires coming out at the bottom, one is for the overhang and the other is for the toe kick. These are 18 AWG 6 conductors.

I was thinking on using some (external/shallow) junction box, with some sort of terminal block or connector inside, or better yet, with an external port/connector such a DB-15 or something similar for easy maintenance.

Any thoughts?

Wouldn't the wires just terminate into something like a Zooz Zen31 or similar?

I'd probably use a plastic Wiremold box like this: AmazonSmile: Wiremold Plastic Nonmetallic Raceway, Extending Power, On-Wall 2-Gang Box, White, NMW3-2: Home Improvement

with a plug-in transformer and a rubber grommet or strain relief through a hole drilled in the bottom of the box.

Beyond initial installation, what sort of maintenance do you anticipate that would require access to the conductors via an external connector?

That was my initial idea but I'm having an issue with one of the wires which is kind of short, about 2 ft.

The challenges is:

The sink drain is off centered (all the way to the right). When the sink is in place and the garbage disposal installed, that nice space right above the outlets becomes hard to reach so my alternatives to install the controller are:

  • Right wall, all the way to the front, close to the cabinet face frame,
  • Anywhere in the left wall.

Either way, the 2ft wire becomes too short, reason I though of splitting it at the box.
Also, I'm concerned about about bugs so if the wire is coming about of the box I may need something to keep the whole tight.