Keypads not arming or disarming

Over the last few weeks, I've noticed that my keypads (two Iris v2 and one Iris v3) are having issues arming and disarming. I will push the On or Partial key, it will slowly flash on the key I pressed and then give an error like sound and Off will light up. If I do this 3-4 times, HSM will eventually arm.

Similarly, I enter my PIN to disarm and I get that same error like sound and Partial or On lights up. If I were to open a contact sensor, the alarm is triggered. If I repeat 3-4 times, it eventually turns HSM to disarmed.

Any idea why this would be happening? I had repaired the v3 keypad about a week ago and it worked well for a few days and now it is back to this same behavior.

Have you tried changing the batteries in your keypad? What other Zigbee devices do you have on your mesh? Any ZLL bulbs (Hue, Cree) on your Zigbee mesh network?