Keypad Disarm Event

I have a rules machine rule that sends a push notification to our phones whenever HSM has been disarmed via the keypad.

The problem that I am having is that this rule fires when HSM is disarmed via the Geofence, disarmed via the dashboard and also when HSM is disarmed via a button press.

In short, we always get a message on our phones when the Alarm is disarmed like this:

The Alarm has been disarmed from the keypad by not required at 6:30PM on 10-Sep-2020.

My intent was to get something more informational like:

The Alarm has been disarmed by Scott at 6:30PM on 10-Sep-2020 (eg, when it sees my phone enter the Geofence)


The Alarm has been disarmed by the dashboard at 6:30PM on 10-Sep-2020


The Alarm has been disarmed by the secret-alarm-button at 6:30PM on 10-Sep-2020

Change any keypad code to the user code and you can create a notification based on that user. Assign a code for dashboard disarms to do the same thing. Same thing for geofence rules. You'll end up with a few more notification rules but do it once and you're done.

I had tried that. My issue is in not knowing how to test for and what the global symbols or virtual devices are called that relate to the dashboard HSM, the Geofence HSM disarm, the keypad disarm or the button disarm. Are these documented any place?

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