Keypad availability drying up

I've noticed most Iris, xfinity and Centralite keypads are almost non existent even on Ebay.
Are there any other manufactures or sellers of keypads that will work with Habitat? I'm surprised why no 3rd party manufacturers have gotten into manufacturing these keypads.

get this guy fully supported with RFID tags and I'll give you my two Iris V2 keypads.. :>

I think it's a combination of a few things.

  1. Iris is shutting down
  2. xfinity keypads were never really intended for sale direct to consumers
  3. centralite declared bankruptcy (though according to the thread here discussing that topic, they may have a buyer to reorganize the company)

AFAIK those two keypads are the only ones that work with HE (technically three, as there are two generations of Iris keypads with different model #s). Zipato makes a z-wave keypad:

But it would need a new driver.

Edit: looks like I cross-posted with @spokra. Is the Zipato keypad supported by HE already?

Previously it only had EU frequencies. this one looks to be US.. I might just buy one to play with, and see how supported it already is if at all.

not listed in the supported devices wiki, I'm guessing it'll need a driver. Looks like there's a ST device handler for it though, as a starting point.

I'm awaiting one of these to see if it'll work with the ST driver I ported.
Fingers crossed, I'll update once its here.

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Too bad we can't use the Ring keypad.

I've been taking zigbee/z-wave button devices (like Iris 4-button Fobs) and soldering countdown switch leads to them.. I'd suppose I can make a few more, if others would like. :thinking:

We may soon see the Iris V1 keypads supported. That will open up a lot of possibilities since they are widely available on eBay right now.

That would be GREAT!

Lutron scene picos maybe?

Ring Keypad is on the works, not saying will be a driver available but @mike.maxwell has a Ring keypad to try.

The problem with Ring keypad is there was no way to make it pair with ST or HE, apparently it has a proprietary pairing process that make it more difficult to create a driver for it. Wish him good luck.

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Yeah, I saw that thread. It would be nice if he was able to get it working. I like the Ring's form factor.

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It hasn't shown up yet...

What?? It was delivered already! Did you check the tracking in the PM?

I'll check the mailbox!

Yup, all good it was in there!


:sweat_smile: good to know!

Do you have inside knowledge on possible V1 Iris keypad support? I know someone selling one and if it would be supported, even 2 months down the road , I'll buy it from him

No inside knowledge, but @mike.maxwell has one although that's probably the last V1 device that will receive his attention. :slight_smile: