Keyfob recommendation

I'm looking to find some keyfobs for my new C7. I have a pretty simple setup, a few doors sensors, motion sensors for away monitoring, etc. Im coming from the Lowe's Iris system, then Smartthings, and brand new to HE. I have one leftover iris V1 keyfob, and they used to work great, but I can't seem to find another one on eBay.

It seems like everyone says the Fibaro fob works ok, but the battery life is garbage. Has anyone had success with the 2gig keyfob. It's part number 2GIG-KEY2-345. I like that the buttons are recessed, and easy to identify what each button does.

Sometimes we hand our fobs to relatives to watch the house when were gone, and I would rather not try and explain "all you have to do is rember the triangle is disarm, hold the square to arm, etc". The simplicity of the Iris V1 fob was great, and the battery life was amazing.

It looks like aeotec makes some as well, but I really don't want to spend $100+ on two keyfobs.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Try the heiman. I love mine and its cheap 18-20 USD, it's zigbee 3.0. Mine has worked steady for the past 3 weeks. The iris 4 button is great but impossible to find, as you said.

PS had the fibaro & returned, worked good but as you noticed the battery life is very poor


PS- the 2 gig keyfob is 345mHz, so it will not work with HE. Unless you setup something like a thingshield, about $50.00 and even then not sure about integrating it or how to do it. Probably need an arduino and it looks like a fairly complex project

Is it correct that this button device doesn't support presence?


No it does not. I'm guessing if Markus can add presence to his drivers, someone could add to this device. Although I'd expect that to kill battery life, as the fob only has a 2032 cell and the almost constant ping for reliable presence would drain the battery.
In reading about presence outside of certain apps, it's not universally reliable. People seem to like the samsung presence sensor(2nd gen)


With all the dam lockdowns, "not present" is mostly not needed :crazy_face:


how is the heiman keyfob working so far and what is the battery life like?
did you have to load special driver?

Very good. The driver I'm using is from @muxa . Battery life is from 3-12 months depending on how many times you push the button and strength of your zigbee mesh

  • Heiman ZigBee Key Fob
  • Device Driver for Hubitat Elevation hub
  • Version 0.1.1
    definition (name: "Heiman ZigBee Key Fob", namespace: "muxa", author: "Mikhail Diatchenko") {

thank you for the info

You're welcome. Just FYI many of these chinese manufacturers are constantly updating firmware(Tuya, Sonoff,etc) causing devices to no longer work. Now I haven't heard this with Heiman in particular, but just a note of caution. I mean we're not talking about a huge cost anyway, unlike a Hue 60.00 bulb or something. I think the keyfob is like 15 - 18 USD.
Good Luck
PS -the device doesn't report battery, but you'll know it's dead when it stops working