KEVO Plus integration no longer authenticates

Has anyone noticed the Kevo integration can no longer authenticate? I have verified that I can login to with my username and password, but the integration fails to connect.

Before I dig into the possibility of forking the project in order to work on a fix, I was hoping by asking here, I could gauge what others are experiencing, and if other had this issue, what the fix was.

The integration stopped working a year ago or so.

It just loops with this, from bottom to top:

Received an error, attempting to relogin

Exception status code: 405, reason phrase: The resource doesn't support specified Http Verb.

Token reading threw java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: index is out of range 0..-1 (index = 0)

Got cookie null

Got token response of 200

Getting token and cookie

I have been digging into the source. The Kevo backend was replaced with a new system that uses a real api and oath2. I am working on understanding the api and oath mechanisms, but have not worked out all the details yet.