Kevo Integration missing

Recently this user community integration stop working GitHub - dcmeglio/hubitat-kevo
It would be nice to have a lock integration with Kevo as they support the 3 major brands of lock Baldwin, Kwikset and Weiser.

User story would be:

  • received status of lock when there is a change in state (lock, unlock, jam, low battery)
  • Send command to change state from lock to unlock
  • provide schedule to send command to lock door at night for example

I am using Weiser (Kwikset) locks with Hubitat using the Generic lock driver. They seem to work as expected. Is there much that the Kevin integration would provide that the generic driver don’t? (Not sure if jam and low battery get generated with generic driver - never tested this…)

Hi Sebastien,
I am new to the community so please excuse my basic questions. My understanding is a device can only be part of one mesh at a time. So to connect directly to my baldwin evolved lock I would have to remove them all from the Kevo plus hardware hub (Kēvo, which allow internet access to remote lock or unlock the doors of the 3 brands). I would like to connect directly to the Kevo plus mesh device unless it is also possible to connect directly to these Baldwin Evolved lock without removing them from kevo.

Thanks for the extra information! The locks can only be connected to one mesh. They can be connected to Hubitat via its Zigbee or Z-Wave meshes. I’m not familiar with Kevo, but I assume it is a web service, and that the lock would connect to it via Wifi, is that accurate?

No it's a hardware hub like this one:

It used the kevo app to control the lock remotly and to add e-keys for guests.

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Ah, interesting so the module connects to the lock via Bluetooth. Kind of makes sense as using Wifi would likely run down the batteries.

If they have an open API, it could likely be used to develop an integration.

It looks like the Kevo 924 can be controlled via alexa so if you have an echo you could create a virtual switch(s) on Hubitat to control the Kevo

This is good news. Not everyone have Alexa. This could be a good start : GitHub - dcmeglio/hubitat-kevo there is something broken (it was working before).

Unfortunately, the developer who created that app is no longer active in the Hubitat community, so it won't be updated unless another developer is willing to pick up that project.

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