Keeping separate dimmers in sync

I have a need to "pair" two separate z-wave switches together, so that when one is turned on or off, it will also turn the other one on or off. Basically, a 3-way, without the actual 3-way wiring. Just two independent switches, working in unison. I also need to be able to keep the dimming value the same for both. So if one is dimmed down, the other should match as well. The two switches are Aeotec Nano Dimmers with a Wallswipe. Thanks in advance.

Full disclosure: I'm evaluating Hubitat now to make a switch over from Wink. I just want to make sure this requirement can be met.

There are many ways this can be done, however we don't currently support direct device association with our built in device drivers.

Thanks Mike. When you say "there are many ways this can be done", are you referring to ways it can be done with Hubitat, or other ways. If it can be done, despite it not being supported, could you elaborate on the best way you think it COULD be done? I'm fine with a solution that can use RM or something else to capture the state of one of the devices (on, 35%), and then set the second switch to those settings.

We just released an app called mirror where one device is selected as the master and one or more as slaves, it does just what you're looking for.
It supports all bulb and color related commands.

We also have a groups app, a pile of devices are selected and represented by a virtual parent to which you send commands.

We also have scenes which can store and playback captured device settings by turning on a switch...

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Awesome. Thank you. I made the switch to Hubitat, and couldn't be happier so far. Much appreciated.