Keen vents

Is there a way to control my keen vents from rule machine? i can contol them from the device itself just not from any rules.

They show as dimmers in rule machine.
What do you want them to do?

I am after setting the level based on a rule

Should be do able calling as a dimmer.

You can use them as a dimmer.

That is what I did with my keen vents before writing a custom room temp balancing app for my house/needs.

@JasonJoelOld Would you be willing to share your custom temperature balancing app?

I'm not sure it is very useful to anyone, as I wrote the two apps for very specific use cases in my home.

Case 1 - Two rooms to balance. Each room with a temp sensor and a Keen vent.
Case 2 - Two rooms to balance. Each room with a temp sensor, but only one room with a Keen vent.

As such, it is intentionally inflexible / not useful as-is for general use. There are very few comments in the code and I spent zero time optimizing the code, but I will say I've been using it in 3 rooms 24/7 for months (really years if you include the time on WebCore on ST), and it works great for my needs.

They are posted on my GitHub - Botched1/Hubitat: Hubitat Apps and Drivers, though if helpful.

I appreciate you sharing it and the warnings. I'm headed toward a custom App and am gathering all Apps that attempt to do something similar to my goals. It will be a good reference.

Did you get your Keen Vents operating. I recently converted all my Keen Vents from their control app to an HE Rule Machine base. Let me know if you're interested in my approach.