Kasa Question- Motion Switch

Is there a way to set up a kasa motion switch so that when it detects motion it does not turn on the switch it connected to but turns on other switch instead? Essentially I was hoping it could be treated more like a standard motion sensor. I would like to have it so that when motion is sensed in our bedroom it turns on a lamp but if the light is pressed it turns on the main light. Then once no motion is detected, turn off both if on. Thanks!!

All the research I have done indicates that the Motion Detect event is not exposed to the API - so the answer to your question is no. This is based on information available on GitHub (several developers have searched for this).

In the near future (when I get some time), I will be installing a Kasa MD switch and do some more experimentation; however, it is a LOW Probability of success.


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Ok. Thanks for the info on this. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the future :slight_smile:

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