Kasa Plug Switch Errors

C-7 v2.3.8.140

I have an existing Kasa Plug Switch using the built-in driver that is working perfectly.

When I attempt to setup an new Kasa Plug Switch I get errors:

I have mirrored the Preferences (excluding network details) for the new plug to the existing working plug.

Did you add this through the integration app or did you try to add it manually as a virtual device.

Must be added through the discovery process in the integration app.

Oh yes, I forgot about the Kasa Integration App. It's been a while...

Appears I have the old custom user App installed. I assume I should delete it and install the built-in Kasa Integration App?

If you delete it, it will take out all your existing devices with it. Then you have to add them back with the system app. I do not think they ever got the migration working correctly. So if you have a bunch of stuff setup you are best off just updating to the latest user app version and going from there. I still am running the user app.


Appreciate the guidance, thank you.

I don't use the Kasa cloud or mobile app, do I need Kasa Cloud Binding enabled?

It should work OK for legacy devices. See below.

No, you do not need binding. However, to reverse this you may have to remove from the Kasa app and then reinstall. I DO NOT RECOMMEND removing.


  1. Read the instructions (since it has been a while).
  2. Some new Kasa devices may not install using this APP (both built-in and community). Kasa is transitioning NEW models and hardware versions to a different API. These devices install using the community Tapo integration. These are currently limited to Kasa Matter devices and the latest hardware version of the HS200 and HS220, and EP25.