Kasa Migration Troubles

I have read other posts but I'm not 100% clear on how to proceed. So here is my issue. I have been using DaveG's Kasa Integration for some time. I then installed the Hubitat's built-in Kasa Integration app on my C-8 hub. But none of my Kasa devices would install. The error I received was device failed to install...."a device with the same device network ID exists. Please use a different DNI". I believe I read elsewhere that I could remove the Kasa devices and then reinstall. But then I have to exclude devices and reconnect to the hub if I'm correct. Is there an easier method? I get a bit nervous about how to do all this without creating bigger issues of not being able to get my devices working again. Everything works fine on Dave's app, but the hub included Kasa integration app will be maintained.

I created virtual devices and replaced my community Kasa devices with the virtual and then wiped the community Kasa. Then I installed the built in Kasa and replaced the virtual devices with the newly created devices.

I think this is the only option that you have and still keep your rules intact. I only had half a dozen devices and a few rules so it was pretty painless. A lot of devices or a lot of rules is going to take some time to do

i did cold turkey.. took a screen shot of every device rules and dashboards..

goto devices put in kasa in search to see only those.

i removed like 4 at a time..

goto each device click remove

then install (only for first batch) and search the new built in app.

let it create the new devices..

modify each rule and dashboard to fix it for the new devices

then go on to next batch

finally when all done remove the old app
and remove the app code and all device driver code

You essentially can not install the same device twice in Hubitat. That is what you are trying to do.

Thanks for your feedback. I couldn't get the virtual method suggestion to work. I guess I didn't know all the details. So, I'm on the "cold turkey" path.

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Or DO NOT UPGRADE. The community version works fine and I am still around for critical failures. (Note that I also support/update the Built-In version. I just did not want to compete with the official Hubitat vresion.

I was getting tons of.errors with power monitoring when the month ending report comes in. It kept repeating ad.infinitem.

OK. Did you upgrade to the last version of the community drivres/app? A very old version had that issue, but it was corrected (I think).

Good to know. Thanks.