Kasa KP105 status is not known by Hubitat when controlled by Kasa App


I have a Kasa KP105 socket connected via Wi-Fi. I have the Kasa integration app installed and Hubitat can find the device.
I have created a dashboard which shows this socket and it can be turned on/off via it, however when the socket is turned on/off via the Kasa/TP Link app, the status change is not shown in the dashboard.

For some background I have a TP LInk camera that performs person detection quite well, it can activate a Kasa/TP link socket. My ultimate aim is I have a Basic Rule, that when the socket is turned on it turns on a Virtual Contact and Switch. The The Virtual Contact and Switch is exposed to Alexa, which in turn has a routine that announces a person has been detected when the Virtual contact state changes.

I have the camera triggering the socket. I have the socket if triggered via the dashboard firing Alexa notification. It is just Hubitat doesn't see any state changes of the socket when not via its own system.

Any help appreciated.

I know this has been deprecated by the TP Link app, but Hubitat can't find the device hence why I ma using Kasa intergration.

IIRC, the KASA KP105 being WIFI, will be "polled" by a specified interval to update the attributes.

Meaning, if you flip the switch... it can take up to 5 minutes for the status to be reflected on the dashboard. I think you can set this polling time in the device preferences.

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You need to modify the poll interval in the Hubitat integration to 5 or 10 seconds. 5 seconds will provide an average of about 2.5 second response time. 1o0 secounds about 10 seconds.


  • The community Kasa Integration (mine) has been deprecated in favor of the Hubitat Built In Kasa integration.
  • The community TP-Link Tapo integration (also mine) is for TAPO devices.
  • Some new KASA smart devices use the same protocol as the TP-link - TAPO Integration. These are devices that are NEW HARDWARE Versions (not the KP-105), These newer devices will not work with the existing Built-In integration - but they are supported by the TAPO integration.
    • KASA Matter devices - INSTALL VIA THE HUBITAT MATTER Integration
    • KH200 (Kasa Hub) - use the TP-Link Tapo integration.
    • EP25 HW Version 4 - same.
    • Future HW Versions of existing products (maybe).
  • It is feasible to combine the integrations. But that is up to a Hubitat Staff decision. (I will support as necessary.)
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Hi Josh,

Thanks for the info, and reduced the time to 5 seconds ( Hubitat gives a warning) but any longer of a delay it defeats my end goal. I will see how it goes other wise I am going to solder a Zigbee door contact across the relay that switches the mains , I will remove the mains feed into the relay first before people panic.

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I have ordered one of the new Tapo Matter compatible sockets to see if this removes the delay in the dashboard updating when the device is switched outside of Hubitat.

It should if installed as a Matter device (my experience).

Just need to wait for the C7 to support Matter, before i can use the Tapo Matter socket.