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I have been using the KASA local hub integration which works well except that once or twice a week I need to update IP addresses. All are fixed in router but still get lost. Once I click the reset IP address in app all is good. is there a way to automate 1 or 2 times a week the IP reset function?


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You must have a static ip address defined for the device within your router.

The latest version will check ip's every AM (early) and update if changes are detected.


@bill.whitaker - this recommendation holds for every IP connected device that is accessed by Hubitat using a local API (over the LAN), and isn't limited to Kasa devices. So I would recommend doing this for LIFX bulbs/strips, YeeLights, Hue and Cas├ęta bridges, Harmony hubs, and Sonos speakers.


Everything, and I mean everything has a static IP. I can know in a second if an unfamiliar device has somehow connected. I have my DHCP range very narrow,2 addresses only, to get devices added initially, then they immediately are put in a static, following a pattern. for HA gear, for cameras, switches & AP's are, etc. This makes locating and knowing what's where much simpler.

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