Kasa integration

Hi, I’m a little bit confused about how to integrate Kasa devices .
I got a couple of smart plugs K125 and the smart strip KP303 as gift.
I’m using the Kasa integration app but is not working.
I already registered the devices using the Kasa app
and set ip address for each device.

What I’m missing ?

Any errors in the logs?

What does it do at each step (adding your credentials, and adding the IP address) within the integration.

Is this the built-in integration, or the community based one?

I’m using built in app within the habitat app

I am not totally familiar with this app, I am just going by what I remember doing for the one device I installed last week. But at the very least, here is a bump to the top of the forums.

Are you sure that it took your credentials?

Did you try the option on the screen previous to this one "Problems with Install? Try Cloud Installation"

Are all your devices (Hubitat and Kasa) on the same network, not a guest network or other secondary network?

No, let me try that option and report back. Thanks !

I tried the cloud option and after requesting a token I keep getting “null”

  1. The KP125M is a matter device. This integration does not support the Matter Devices (drivers not installed. Install it as a Matter device (C-8 Hub) or use the community integration (C-7 Hub and earlier. [Note: The KasaSmart Matter devices use significantly different API, Security, and Communication protocols than the standard (legacy) Kasa Devices. Therefore, not in the app herein.]

  2. The KP303 should have installed.

Just tested on my C7 hub (used for development). No issues installing using either method.

For cloud, you must first enter the credentials on the first page (first option) priot to attempting login. But I strongly suggest LAN.

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Thanks for the help. I was able to get the KP303 working!!! Thanks again!

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