KASA Integration - suddenly seeing errors in logs but everything works

Suddenly started seeing errors in logs relating to Kasa devices. Everything seems to work still... Any ideas whats going on?

Could not duplicate. I unplugged several devices and forced comms error to true. I then ran the app - no error during device update. Replugged the devices, ran the app, and the comms status updated as expected w/o errors.

For your check. Make sure you have the correct driver assigned to each device. In the Device Information section of the device's edit page, device should be Kasa Plug Switch.

Try rebooting your device with the option to rebuild the database.

Any further assistance will need more information:

Hubitat Type
Hub Platform Version
Which driver are you using (community or Built-In) (I am assuming Built-In.
Kasa Device type (i.e., KP105)

So nothing has changed configuration wise on my end. No IP addresses or anything have changed.

I tried rebooting. The error messages persisted.
I'm using the built in driver.
All devices are HS103 outlet switches.

Hubitat is a C-5 model (currently running the most recent beta platform)

Oddly enough, I disabled the Kasa Integration app and left the devices in place and all is working perfectly fine and the error messages have now stopped.