Kasa Integration in Hubitat Documentation

I did a search in the documentation for Kasa integration and came across this entry:

It states that new users should use the built-in integration as of 2.3.3. As far as I can tell, 2.3.3 is not out yet? Is the product documentation just ahead of the software releases? If so, any idea when 2.3.3 is coming out? If imminent, I might wait, if not, I guess I should use the community app?

Imminent if nothing comes up in the latest hot fix released recently. Instant if you'd like to sign up for beta :wink:


Local Control I presume?

The Kasa integration that is coming in the next release is the same great integration that @djgutheinz has developed. The only difference is that users no longer need to copy/paste code or use Hubitat Package Manager to install the app and drivers.


They wouldn't have it any other way

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So this worked great, found all my devices and they are working perfectly. One thing I'm wondering - will it keep up with IP changes or do I need to set all those devices to have static IPs on my router?

If your router is in the habit of changing IPs frequently, I recommend making IP reservations. I don't have static IPs or reserved IPs in my network, but my IPs rarely/never change.

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Until they do


Still waiting for that day to come :slight_smile:

Jokes aside, if users don't turn off their routers for extended periods of time, the client IPs are unlikely to change.


I was mostly asking to see if the integration discovered them dynamically. If it's a one time discovery and dependent upon the IP I'm going to take a minute right now to pin them down. I agree that they don't typically change, but they will likely change eventually - maybe after a firmware upgrade, who knows, and it will be months down the road and I'll be left forgetting this whole conversation and spending a bunch of time troubleshooting my automations :smiley:

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