Kasa Devices Not Showing Up In Homekit

I have about 40 Kasa switches, none of them show up in the homekit device list. I can add other devices but none of the Kasa or Sonos devices.

LAN, and WiFi devices not supported https://docs2.hubitat.com/apps/homekit-integration

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LAN devices are anticipated to have direct HomeKit integrations.

That’s too bad. I guess not Hubitat’s fault but back to homebridge I go.

There is a plugin for Kasa devices, TPLink, that you can install right on homebridge.

Yeah... I was just hopeful I could consolidate one part of my stack. Not the end of the world but would have been nice.

Correct. But homebridge isn’t attempting to become a certified bridge. While Hubitat is - limiting the devices they can expose in their HomeKit integration.

I understand that. I was only providing an option.

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Ah - I missed that. Sorry!

There are also newer Kasa devices that are HomeKit compatible.

You know that you can create groups of 1 device in the groups and scenes app. Groups created in HE show up to be shared to Home. I wouldn't want to create 40 though.

My KASA stuff can't be added to homekit. Dissapointing KASA cloud isn't homekit compatible. Virtual Switches appear to work with homekit so it there a way to map a virtual switch to a device to control/mirror device state? Simple rules can work for control, but they may not update virtual switch state without having to do another rule so would be nice if there was just a sync/map function.


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If you have a homebridge setup you can get the TPLink plugin and add your Kasa devices that way.

but why? what is the reasoning for not allowing wifi devices? it can be homebridge replacement.
I assume most people ( including myself) would not have home assistant in addition to hubitat.

It is Apple’s requirement for a hub to be a “certified HomeKit bridge”, a certification that Hubitat is seeking for their hubs.

Homebridge is not seeking this certification.

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