KASA devices not being added

I'm using the KASA Community App V2.3.6 and it will scan for new devices but the devices do not show up as child devices even though the scan finds them. I uninstalled the app, reinstalled it and all the devices were found, except the one I forgot. I don't really want to uninstall everything again just to add the one device.
Any suggestions?
Thanks for reading

  1. What is the device that is not found (be specific on model)?
  2. For some new bulbs, turn the on the off in the Kasa app just prior to discovery. There were a few models that went into power save mode and need to be awake for discovery.
  3. Are all of the devices on the same Lan segment (i.e., 182.168.40)?

In this case it's a KP400 I'm using to control Christmas Lights. Before the reinstall it was a EP10 Smart Plug.
One thing that has changed recently is my router. I had huge issues with the 2.4 devices and the XP7 Comcast router. They changed it out to a XP8 and all the devices connect just fine (Blink, Kasa, Ecowitt, etc)
The XP8 does broadcast a separate 2.4 SSID were as the XP7 didn't. That's the biggest difference.
Everything is on the same LAN segment.
The Kasa integration app does discover the devices, they just aren't showing up in the device list.

Make sure the same device is not already installed. The device list will ignore installed devices. (I tested this AM on my test system. No issues.

I previously uninstalled the integration and it removed all of the devices. When I reinstalled the integration it picked up all the devices I had activated. The problem was when I went to add another device, the scan found it but no child device was created.

I need the log lines (include debug log) for the failing device during discovery. Not all devices, just the failing devices. (Are you sure you have the driver for the KP 400 installed?)

Also,. verify the device works using the kasa phone app.


Good catch! I did not have the multi plug driver installed.

I'll try adding some other plugs I've had lying around tomorrow and see if my problem is solved.