Kasa Devices Disconnect After Internet Reboot

Hi to all Hubitat gurus,

For over a year, I've been facing an issue where my Hubitat C-7 hub, updated to the latest version, loses connection with some of my Kasa devices (such as smart switches) whenever the internet goes down and then comes back on.

To resolve this, I have to conduct a scan for Kasa devices to re-establish their connections. Once done, they function normally again. Could someone please assist me in addressing this frustrating and persistent problem?

One more note: I know the device is not working because I have a very simple routine to turn the switch on and off in Webcore.

Many thanks in advance !!!

The common cause of this "disconnect" is the IP address changing as your router reboots. Per the installation instructions, it is highly recommended that a Static IP Address (DHCP reservation) be created in your router for Kasa devices.

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I see, thank you for your reply. One favour please, can you point me to the installation instructions, it looks like I missed that.

Thank you!

In the app, all the instructions can be accessed with the ? symbol.

In general, all smart devices should have an address reservation in the router. It doesn't matter if it is a Kasa, Hubitat, or Alexa. These smart devices work better together, and more consistently in general, if they are aware of where they and other devices are located on the network.


Thank you very much!