KAIPULE Z-Wave Plus double reporting

KAIPULE Z-Wave Plus Wireless Door and Window Sensor Got them paired pretty easy, only zwave door sensors i have as others are zigbee. Getting double open/closed messages and assume of course this is not normal but turning on debug i can see they are different commands. I'm not up on zwave commands, etc but i've tried searching to see what the difference is.

dev:2402020-12-01 10:13:36.295 pm debugparsed 'zw device: 19, command: 7105, payload: 00 00 00 FF 06 17 00 , isMulticast: false' to [[name:contact, value:closed, descriptionText:test1 was closed]]

dev:2402020-12-01 10:13:36.286 pm debugNotificationReport cmd:NotificationReport(v1AlarmType:0, v1AlarmLevel:0, reserved:0, notificationStatus:255, notificationType:6, event:23, sequence:false, eventParametersLength:0, eventParameter:[])

dev:2402020-12-01 10:13:36.279 pm debugparsed 'zw device: 19, command: 3003, payload: 00 0A , isMulticast: false' to [name:contact, value:closed, descriptionText:test1 was closed]

command 7105 and 3003, don't know why its reporting twice and if this is normal (assume not) and not sure how to fix it?? Normally i'd live with it but using node-red and getting two open and closes is a pain. Ideas? Not looking to work around the problem, looking to fix if at all possible. Do these modules just report this way?

I have one that is branded differently but looks like it is the same as the KAIPULE. I also get double open/close commands. I assumed that happened because I have it mounted on a sliding door such that the magnet slides into the closed position from a different direction. I have other ZWave contact sensors that do not do that, so I don't think it is ZWavw/Zigbee distinction.

turn on debug for that sensor and i bet you see two different commands for open and close, i don't understand zwave enough to understand why or what the two commands are. I could understand if it reports something different but its the same payload. Its difficult to do automations when this happens.