Just Unplugged and boxed up the VeraPlus

Well, it took the better part of three days of vacation to get my HE Hub setup and everything moved over from vera. I find HE much easier to get the system to do what I want.

Here are the models of the 43 devices I have working in my system:

* Linear Lamp module PD300z-2
* Yale lock YRD210-ZW
* Aeotec door bell ZW056
* Aeotec Tri sensor motion
* Ecolink door sensor DW
* Ecolink PIR
* Fibaro motion FGMS-001
* First Alert Z-wave Smoke/CO 2 detector
* Leviton wall switch RZs15
* Leviton plug module DZPA
* Leviton was socket DRZ-15
* Leviton Vizia RF+
* Hue
* EcoBee
* Alexa

I had stopped automating because of the problems and pain with Vera, I'm now excited about it again and thinking about what's next. Maybe Lutron Caseta, and some TTS with Alexa.

Oh, how do I get Owner status? I'm using the same email as I did when I registered?


Support@Hubitati.com or just tag @bobbyD They get to these pretty quickly.


What DH did you use and do you have any way in HE of changing the codes/users? Or do you only get locked/unlocked status and the ability to lock/unlock?

I use the Generic Z-wave Lock driver. I can change, add and delete codes and names.
When I excluded from Vera and then Included in HE, the names where not there, just the codes. So I had to go through and add the Names to the codes. The HE log displays the name used but not the code when reporting on unlock events.

Good to know. I have the zigbee version of that same lock and it's the LAST device I have on ST. Hopefully the generic zigbee version will work the same

I have 2 Linear PD300z-2 plugs. I can’t get them to pair. Tried to exclude them a few times and never get any results. Was there a trick you had to get them to work?

What’s owner status?

Private Message BobbyD if you have purchased Hubitat. He will update your account.