Just some cool info

I had to call GE and contact Leviton today for support switching off Smartthings to Hubitat. Both told me they are getting a lot of support calls and emails from people switching off Smartthings and going to Hubitat. I informed them what's going on. My situation was a disaster. They forced me over to the new App and I lost most of my scenes and they said "Sorry" recreate them. Then I lost half my devices when you clicked on them it would crash the app. I couldn't remove those devices because they were not in the list. I ended up deleting them from Smartthings IDE webpage which is very bad to do. The #1 worst thing in my eyes they did is stop supporting Harmony Remote Hubs. I have most of my devices switched over the Hubitat, but next step is getting Harmony hubs hooked up.

Just want to Thank the people behind Hubitat everything so far is fast and working with only a few head scratchers, but seems I got everything switched over except Harmony which I'm going to start on next.