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Hi everyone, I am a builder and I am looking for a home automation system I can sell with my homes to customers. I have done extensive research and decided to purchase a hubitat system. To start I would like to do the following. I would be very appreciative if someone can tell me what to buy for hardware and software to make this work.

This is for a 7000 sqft home plus basement. I am willing to purchase high end hardware and software to make over reliable.

I plan on using radiora 2 switches and dimmers and lutron shades with the system.

Ok this is what I would like to attempt.

When someone walks into a man cave it detects that specific person and does the following. Changes the TV's to specific channels, changes the lights to desired color and brightness, turns on sonos to a specific station, and sets the shades at a certain level. Possibly a voice comes on and says something like a greeting and asks the owner if he needs anything. Of course if it detects anyone else then all above would go to that persons choice of specifics.

I read the best way to do this is with beacons but I read that hubitat doesn't support beacons. So, what do I need to buy to make all this work.

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I wonder if a camera with facial recognition could trigger thrugh IFTTT?

Or better yet a camera with facial recognition that could send a webrequest right to the hub.

This isn't really an available automation with any system just now, due to the person recognition problems. Cameras are probably the most likely avenue for this to become doable in the near term, but it's not like you can purchase something off the shelf that will do this automation.

For the rest of your RA2 install, we have a very solid RA2 integration, and some special apps tailored to RA2. One example is the ability to make keypad buttons fire different scenes depending on the time of day, or motion activated lighting to work that way also. I have RA2 in my house, and these are very nice features.

But wouldn't this be pretty easy if hubitat accepted ble beacons. It would recognize my phone and then trigger. Or maybe there is a way it could recognize my mac through wifi and trigger.

But that solution only works if each person has their phone on them 100% of the time while at home.

Thanks mark for responding. I have read a lot of your posts and know you are the man to help with this. I would even pay you as a consultant.

To answer your question I might be ok with the phone option as long as it is quick and reliable but I am open to other ways. Any suggestions?

Since you have RA2, maybe a scene keypad with different buttons for different people?

Yeah, hardly automated, I know, but if they'd already be using a in-wall switch/dimmer or Pico for some purpose (setting the desired lighting or shade configuration), making a "John scene" or a "Sally scene" button doesn't seem too out of the question. It could do what they're already doing but also let Hubitat "know" who it is.

Netatmo has a facial-recognition camera, but last I checked there weren't any integrations available for other platforms. I just don't think there's a good fully automatic solution for this yet, though Mark might be on to something above if that's an acceptable requirement.

Thanks. The very last option would be buttons. But would love to exhaust all options on a fully automated solution.

Would you be able to point me in the right direction for the video. I assume I need something in between the hubitat box and the tvs

Several others apparently have facial recognition in the works according to this article:


Another one.

Tuya Smart Unveils Smart Home Security Solution with Face Recognition | CES 2019

Well the fact that there isn't might more be related to the high price of the Netatmo products than of a lack of an ability to do it.

In fact there is a very reasonable documented API from Netatmo for it:

In fact they have even 2 variables to allow notifications when a face is recognized...
" Setpersonsaway"" Setpersonshome"

Surely also the big issue with facial-recognition (even if you got it to work and trigger a switch) is it would be based on the cloud? So by that, your designing something that will likely fail at times. What would be good is if someone was able to integrate NFC into a home automation system like hubitat! They already use readers in rooms and tags on people for residential and sheltered accomodation to work out what room staff and customers are in. If this could be done then have a variable to decide what case set up the room "mode" needs to be then you would be on for a winner. A tag in your pocket or your smart watch or phone!

Check out the link below. It launches at the end of the first quarter. I am going to visit them in Vegas as CES.

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I like this RoomMe thing. Has anybody tried it yet? Any issues?

Uses bluetooth strength on phone for room enter and exit triggers. A bit pricey if you have tons of rooms but not a bad idea. ($239 for four room sensors)

Considering it if they truly work.

Hi, I guess you could give that one person a ble beacon to be recognized and all the others none. You should then be able to single him out. I use BLE for presence and it works great. But it's not a native solution from Hubitat, it does add some small extra hardware and software. BLE beacon tracker, sort of (Raspberry Pi needed)