Just ordered my HE to replace ST

Funny thing. I was noodling over concerns about letting a cloud provider hold all my configuration 2 days ago. And I found Hubitat. Considered it but decided to hold off for now because I have a lot of other projects going.

Then, last night, I'm lying in bed and asked Google to "Run Goodnight". This should fire off an automation through ST that turns off all the lights and turn the hall light down to 25% (so the kids can find the bathroom). What I got in response was "Ok! Turning off your nightstand lights." At which point it did nothing.

Open up the ST app and find that all my configuration is gone. It sees no devices. It has no automation nor scenes. Nothing. Poof. Gone.

So here I am. Just ordered my HE. Anyone have suggestions on what I should do with my ST hub? :slight_smile:


Personally, I sold mine on eBay. Got a whole $50 for it. LOL

Welcome to the group though! HE is WAY more fun than ST ever has been. The local processing is everything I always wanted from ST, but was never able to get.


Welcome to the community.

I would hold on to the ST hub for awhile. You may want it for referencing, troubleshooting, or comfort as you transition. It also may come in handy if you want to update certain device firmware for some reason.

A lot of folks run both, HE doesn’t do some things they want, and or doesn’t do it the way they want.


I keep mine in a box next to my Wink2 hub and my non-pro Lutron Caseta hub. I'm hoping they cross-breed (like the ones in my random cables box*) and produce something worth using. :slight_smile:

  • I have proof that cables cross breed when left together in the bottom of a box: I have a cable with an RJ-14 (phone plug) on one end and a USB connector on the other. If that were actually plugged in, it would definitely fry the computer, so it can't have been manufactured that way.

I had to LOL on this one. I was just digging through my cable box looking for a short Cat 5 cable when I found some odd looking cables with weird ends on both ends. I have no idea what it is or what it was used for.

So that got me to thinking..... If I haven't needed it by now, probably wouldn't. So that and several others went into garbage. Now hide and watch, next week I will need that cable for something :stuck_out_tongue:

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Downside being I have nothing on the ST hub right now. It lost all knowledge of devices in my house. I'm not going to try to reconfigure it before the HE arrives. And I am not pushing the limits with home automation. Just basic stuff so far. Smart switches and a few smart plugs. Routines to be called when waking up or going to bed mostly. Let's me be forgetful about lights and not have to go downstairs to turn them off. :slight_smile: Integration with Google Home was the biggest requirement. I like my voice commands.

Might add a dashboard run on a dedicated tablet somewhere if I get ambitious.

Welcome to the community!

I haven't used ST, but as @ACKmySYN mentioned there are several HE owners that use a ST hub for certain things, so it might be worth holding on to for the time.

Personally, I came from Iris which is also cloud based and having a locally run hub like HE is great. I don't mind integrating something like Alexa, but I don't want a hub that only operates when it can access the cloud.

HE is awesome. I hope you enjoy working with it.

Apparently RJ-11 to USB is a thing though:


I still use ST to ‘push’ presence to HE and combine it with L360 and an ST presence sensor to create a reliable presence on HE
Oh, and my Neato botvacs are still on there as I haven’t gotten around to porting the app yet.


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Yes, I know. I later found that the cable probably came with a UPS I'd purchased a few years before, for monitoring remaining power and shutting down the PC when it got too low. But the "proof that cables breed" story is a lot more fun without that part. :slight_smile:

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SERIOUS MISTAKE! "Whatever can go wrong" only will "when you least expect it". If you keep the cable, you're expecting to need it, so you won't.

Extremely likely. But if so, PM me and I'll send you one of mine. Whatever it is, I probably have one here:


OMG.. how do you ever find anything with it that organized???

Which bin does the RJ-11 to USB cable go in?? Telephone or USB??

{ all the above is an attempt at Humor... because of course the reality is, I'm envious of the organization.} :smiley:

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Ah yes, the ole Smartthings do nothing trick. I bet that automation ended up running 9 hours later :rofl:

I had an email over the last few days to say that some ST hubs were jumping to different locations within your acccount!
Very strange, but hey! It’s ST :slight_smile:

For a long time it was hanging from the wall next to a sign saying "Caution: proof that cables breed when stored unsorted". I'm not sure where it ended up. The reason the stuff looks so organized is I just moved a year ago and had to organize it all in my new workshop. (This pic was taken right after that. It doesn't look quite that good now!)


Don't sell it, my ST hub works solid, as a paper weight.

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Understood, yeah I saw you said it was pretty much a clean slate. I wasn’t saying you should but I assume it could come in handy as you transition.

Some people have asked questions about how something worked in ST and how to do it in HE. In those cases screenshots helped for comparison.

I don’t know what sort of devices you have, but some stuff doesn’t work the same or not to the extent that it does in HE. I figured you might want to play it safe in case something important doesn’t work, unlike the Iris folks who don’t have a choice, you do so it’s really up to you. :blush:

One other thing - you can easily use Alexa to be just as good as I am at finding stuff. Just ask her "Alexa, where can I find an HDMI cable?" She will answer "Hmm... I don't know that one." Which is completely accurate and pretty much the exact same answer I'd give.


If you have any SmartThings devices you might want to keep it to update thier firmware.

I wish there was a universal way to update zigbee devices regardless of what hub they may be on :expressionless: