Just ordered hubitat, have some questions

Hi! I’m coming over from home assistant. I just wanted to try hubitat for various reasons!

I have an app on my iPhone called sonosequencr. Allows much easier usage of playlists etc. I’m using Alexa voice assistant.
I can make Alexa voice commands with IFTTT and webhooks. Is there a way to build Alexa voice commands with hubitat that will bypass need for IFTTT? Sorry if it’s a basic question. Thanks!

Take a look at Echo Speaks.


Also take a look at this post for general stuff


If I understand your question correctly there is a Hubitat skill in Alexa and an Alexa app in Hubitat that enables control of whatever you want in Hubitat with Alexa. Very simple. Very easy.


Thanks! I have to use webhooks to interface with the app because the requests are made through a web request. From what I saw it looks like the Sonos integration with hubitat isn’t as detailed as the app I’m using.

So can I still make webhooks style integrations (trigger plus web request) with hubitat to continue using this app with Alexa?

Download the Hubitat app