Just ordered Hubitat and this forum is great!

I don't have the device yet, but I've been reading and watching videos for a couple of weeks now and I just wanted to say this forum is great! The people here seem very helpful and knowledgeable. I gave HA a test run and really didn't enjoy a single minute of that journey, but the one thing that really stood out to me was how condescending and rude many of the people in their forum is. It was so bad I didn't even join as it really turned me off. Anyways, just throwing a thanks out there.

And prepare yourselves for another round of dumb newbie questions! :slight_smile:


We were all there, once. After you gain experience and greater understanding, pay it forward and help others.

And welcome to the Hubitat community!


Welcome to the Hubitat community @waffles. Bring on the questions! We want to help you get indoctrinated. :smiling_imp: As @672southmain said, we have all been where you are. While the Hubitat product and team are great, it’s the active community that makes the difference.


o great, another one of these guys...jk

welcome aboard! hope you'll have fun with it. the forum is full of questions, so always check to see if your question has been asked before, or if not make a new thread. we're a nice community (can get snarky at times), and we like to keep it that way


I have to agree. I just migrated from ST this weekend.

I was trying to migrate over a rare app and driver which doesn't have a published api.

As an example on the ST forums I tried figuring out how to create an apache server to host this app in case i couldn't get it too work on HE. I wrote a guy who said he had done this already. He gave me short, quick one word answers and I never could figure it out. 4 months ago he was begging people to help on the github and now isn't willing to help others.

On HE...the day before I received my Hubitat I asked a very nice HE dev if he could convert the code, that's on ST, to HE. He converted it fairly quickly but it didn't work on HE. He spent an entire night working on it, took the weekend off and then spent 9 hours yesterday working on it again..

He ended up getting it too.

I had another issue where I need virtual switches to send the command even if they are already in that state. A guy threw together a driver for me within an hour of me posting the question on the forum.

This hub and its users and developers are beyond amazing.


So Hubitat rocks! In my first day I had it doing many of the rules that I wanted without any issues. Home Assistant I played with for days and days and never got it to do these things. Nothing super fancy yet, mostly light timers and things, but I have plans to move into motion sensing. I'm playing with using Ecobee Remote sensors as occupancy since I already have one in every room. Works great for turning lights off and I'm going to eventually add some zigbee sensors for turning the lights on. I've also quickly realized the limitations I have with my Wemo Switches so I'm gonna start swapping those out to Z-Wave. Have a few Innovelli's on their way! Should be fun. Thanks Hubitat!



The more I play with the HE the more old work arounds that I had in place because of ST limitations are disappearing. I use files hosted on github to play custom sound files and have my GHs talk to each other by using the Chromecast integration. This makes it possible to automate my Chromecast with GTV "Hey Google Launch MLB Network on Living Room TV", something I had to do with always on Android devices>tasker before.

I use contact sensors on my doors to trigger an alarm mp3 over all the Google Homes, looping it with webCoRE, again something I did before with a couple of always on Android devices and tasker. My wife is partially deaf and the kids room and front door is on the other end of the house. Even with cameras they could be missed going out the door at night. I'm a very deep sleeper and never hear anything. I actually was able to eliminate the always on Android devices. Hey that freed up some usb cables and a couple of nice Sony BT speakers lol.

GH on ST and the GH official integration is awful but the Community app is beyond amazing. I find that after years of being on ST, this is what ST should have been before a certain company bought them out lol. The community apps here are better than official integrations or their counterparts on ST. wecCoRE, gcal, the weather integration..I could go on and on and wonder why I didn't switch 3 years ago.


One can never have enough spare cables and power strips lol.

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